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Our references

Customer satisfaction is our best reference. Global companies have appreciated the quality of our translations, our strict adherence to schedules and budgets, and our personal approach since 2004. You can entrust us with your projects as well – you will receive the perfectly localized version in any language you desire.


time management and a very
reliable partner.


goal-oriented and friendly


good quality even when things
have to go fast.


linguistic competence and
innovative solutions.

Some customer opinions about the services
of Transline:

“Transline has been our reliable partner for SAP translations since 2010. Transline's service is characterized not only by high-quality translations of our SAP documentation, but also by fast processing times and adherence to delivery dates.”


“Over the years, we have built a solid relationship with Transline. Transline has created high-quality language versions of our software solutions in 14 languages for our customers and thus contributed significantly to the success of our customer projects.”

AFI - P.M. Belz Agentur für Informatik GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany

“Transline played a central role in the translation of our xtMail Suite product. We were particularly convinced by the quality and speed of the translation, but also by the smooth communication, which helps us to recommend Transline as the ideal partner in the field of SAP translations.”

conlutio GmbH, Bruchsal, Germany

“Transline has captured the translation processes initiated by Deutsche Bahn very well, proactively helped to shape them, and managed the translation with a high level of quality awareness and the greatest possible flexibility.”

Deutsche Bahn AG, Frankfurt, Germany

“The flexible Transline team always provides us with reliable support, even when we need a translation quickly. Working with them is a pleasure we enjoy whenever we can.”

DSAG – Deutschsprachige SAP Anwendergruppe e.V., Walldorf (Baden), Germany

“The translation of our custom code was carried out in a pleasant and competent cooperation, and on time within the agreed framework.”

Gutenberg Rechenzentrum GmbH & Co. KG, Hanover, Germany

“The translation of our texts, some of which are formulated scientifically, others journalistically, requires on the one hand a high degree of linguistic competence and sensitivity, and on the other hand the cooperation with us requires the pronounced ability to adapt to short-term changes in deadlines. We are completely satisfied with Transline's services.”

Impulse Forschungsgesellschaft für Marketing und Organisation mbH, Heidelberg, Germany


“We were very satisfied with the friendly cooperation, which took place quickly and on schedule. Our programmers, who used the translated document, also praised Transline's technical competence.”

Mobisys, Mobile Informationssysteme GmbH, Walldorf (Baden), Germany

“Transline has been our reliable partner for SAP system translations since 2011. The translations have always been carried out competently and on time remotely on our system.”

KOMET GROUP GmbH, Besigheim, Germany

“Transline has been supporting the Linde Gases Division in the translation of its custom code since 2006. The cooperation so far has been very successful. The promised deadlines have always been met. We can warmly recommend a cooperation with Transline to other customers.”

Linde AG, Munich, Germany

“Despite the tight deadlines, the agreements with Transline were always implemented on time, in perfect quality, and within the agreed framework. On behalf of my team, I would also like to thank you for the exclusively positive experience with Transline so far.”

MAN Truck and Bus AG, Munich, Germany

“We have been working regularly with Transline for years. The delivery of the comparatively demanding marketing texts to be translated is always fast and reliable. Our texts are always translated into the target language in a stylistically correct manner.”

J&M Management Consulting AG, Mannheim, Germany

“Transline always supports us reliably and competently even with short-term requests. We can strongly recommend their services.”

Natuvion GmbH, Walldorf (Baden), Germany

“Transline always stands out in joint SAP translation projects due to its flexibility, scalability, and on-time delivery. We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Transline's translation services to other customers.”

SAP AG, Walldorf (Baden), Germany

“There were two main challenges with our website relaunch: One, we needed a large volume of translations within an extremely short timeframe. Two, we couldn't risk any compromises in terms of quality – our target audience expects only the best. The workflow implemented by Transline Software Localization made it possible to realize both at the same time. We really appreciate the clear communication and mutual trust: With Transline Software Localization, we can be sure that they're fast without sacrificing quality. We are extremely happy with the consulting and support processes and look forward to many more projects together.”

Britta Holzmann, Head of Marketing & Corporate Communications, Scheer GmbH, Saarbrücken, Germany

“We have been successfully working with Transline since 2011. The translation of our SAP documentation into different languages has always been done promptly and efficiently. Transline is a reliable and technically competent translation partner.”

Sortimo International GmbH, Zusmarshausen, Germany

“Since the translation of the system functions plays a secondary role in an ERP project, the quality of the partner for the translation is crucial for a smooth project and continuous updates. Transline works very independently and takes an active approach, providing high quality both with regard to the actual task and task management. As a partner, we couldn't do without them and are happy to be well supported by their SAP Basis expertise, especially in critical situations.”

Winkelmann Group IT, SAP project team, Ahlen, Germany

„Da die Übersetzung der Systemfunktionen in einem ERP-Projekt eine Nebenrolle spielt, ist die Qualität des Partners für die Übersetzung für ein reibungsloses Projekt und eine dauerhafte Aktualisierung entscheidend. Transline arbeitet sehr selbstständig, aktiv steuernd und mit hoher Qualität sowohl in Bezug auf die eigentlichen Aufgabe als hinsichtlich der Aufgabensteuerung. Ein guter, unverzichtbarer Partner für diese Aufgabe, der uns mit seiner SAP-Basis-Expertise auch in Krisensituation sehr gut unterstützt!”

Winkelmann Group IT, SAP-Projektteam, Ahlen, Deutschland





Deutsche Bahn Success Story

Transline supports the Deutsche Bahn Group’s central SAP accounting and procurement systems as well as the associated documents into 18 languages. We additionally provide consulting services and take action to ensure long-term quality assurance.


Read our Deutsche Bahn Success Story


By the way: BOSCH and BOURNS are also among our customers.

Whether large corporations or medium-sized companies – the list of companies that rely on Transline's linguistic and technical expertise for their international SAP projects is long.

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