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Transline is a certified SAP partner for language consulting and translation. Leverage our expertise in your international SAP rollouts and share the knowledge with your team.



SAP translation tools

The Transline experts train you interactively and in a demand-oriented way:

  • Translation Hub (STH)
  • Transaction SE63

We will be happy to show you all the possibilities for saving time and money.

SAP online translation

Our workshops are tailored to your internal requirements. Previous knowledge in the area of SAP online translation is not required.

Our experts introduce your in-house translators to the following transactions:

  • SE63
  • SLLS

SAP translation environment

As an SAP customer with basic administrator knowledge, you will receive a deep insight into the use and functions of the SAP translation transactions (SNLS, LXE_MASTER, SE63, SLLS, SMLT, SE01, SLXT, SMLT_EX).





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Terminology – Workshops for your team



Quality plus – Tuning for your texts

Event dates and further training courses


Introduction to Simplified Technical English

Using concrete examples from the standard, we give you an overview of the most important rules for vocabulary, grammar, and syntax.


Terminology for advanced learners

This webinar will give you an overview of how to optimally design your terminology processes and how to use tools to your advantage.


Events and training courses at Transline

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