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SAP language transactions at a glance



One of the prerequisites for starting a translation project is the correct installation of the target language(s) on your SAP translation system using transaction SMLT. Our experts will support you in all activities related to setting up and installing a-languages.

To ensure the highest possible translation quality, we coordinate the terminology we use with you and maintain it in your SAP system via the transaction STERM.

In the translation worklists created for the translators, we only translate what is actually relevant to your rollout project. Our specialists configure the transaction LXE_MASTER on the basis of the translation scope agreed with you.

We give you an insight into the progress of your project with the help of the SLLS translation statistics.

Transaction SE63 enables your custom code, Customizing, and forms to be translated in every SAP system. We leverage this transaction in many SAP translation projects:

  • Reuse, automation, and quality assurance of translations
  • Easy updates to translations, for example, after upgrades or source code changes
  • Context for SAP source texts for more efficiency in translation

Using transaction SLPP, our translators can display the contents of the SAP proposal pool directly, without having to call a short text object in the short text editor. We analyze your proposal pool regularly in order to guarantee the best quality over the long term.

Once translations are finished, they are required in other systems downstream of the translation system. To get them there, we regularly create translation transports for you.

We help you set up your transport landscape and monitor your transport requests. During translation projects, your release and deployment management is in our experts' experienced hands.

At the end of the translation project, we use transaction SMLT_EX to create language transports for you to ensure that all translations that have taken place reach your target systems.

This SAP solution automatically translates short texts into several languages, including user interfaces developed with custom code. Our experienced SAP translators check everything and make adjustments if necessary. This saves you time, effort, and money especially with larger SAP translation projects.


We have translated 23 million SAP lines since 2004.

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project planning with optimal use
of suitable tools.



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