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Wordflow Translation Suite (WTS)

Do you find the SAP standard translation environment to be too complicated? Or do you have requirements that cannot be met with it? In fact, the SAP standard translation environment has undergone little further development in terms of the Customizing environment and long texts. The Wordflow Translation Suite (WTS) closes this gap: Useful tools that optimize your translation process:

Long texts: Wordflow Longtext Externalization (WLE)

Long texts can be externalized and thus translated “offline”. This saves you the hassle of using the SAP editor to translate long texts.

Customizing: Wordflow Customizing Optimizer (WCO)

Customizing according to SAP standard and customer-specific Customizing can be separated from each other: This allows us to determine the scope of the actual translation-relevant Customizing more precisely and significantly reduce the translation effort.

SAP standard texts: Wordflow Proposal Tool (WPT)

Texts delivered by SAP in the target language are not regarded as translated in the system. WPT marks the SAP standard texts as translated and thus considerably reduces the volume of your translation project.

Language supplementation: Wordflow Undo Supplementation (WUS)

Has the target language been filled with another language in your translation system? With the help of WUS, we can reverse this for you so that the translation process can run smoothly and quickly.

Machine translation: Wordflow Translation Hub Optimizer (WTHO)

Would you like to use machine translation with the SAP Translation Hub (STH) for your translation project? WTHO can quickly and easily integrate STH proposals into your translation system. Our experienced translators check these translations for you and adjust them if necessary, so that our high quality standards are maintained while significantly reducing costs.

For your SAP translation environment

Precisely tailored to the needs of our customers – individually developed software solutions.

Our many years of comprehensive project experience with global SAP rollouts enable us to offer you these software solutions in addition to the standard SAP translation environment:

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Wordflow Transliteration Tool (WTT)

You have customers in language areas with non-Latin script and therefore need to convert data such as names, addresses, or company names into Latin script? The Wordflow Transliteration Tool (WTT) transliterates Chinese, Japanese, and Russian characters into Latin script for you. It is quite simple: You provide us with your source data and we return the transliterated data in Latin script. In addition, Russian characters can be converted into Chinese characters.

The character sets that can be transliterated using WTT are constantly being expanded.


Wordflow Transliteration Tool



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