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Social commitment:
All together for a sustainable future

As a company, we bear social responsibility for our conduct and actions. This means that long-term thinking, or sustainability, is top priority: We are always looking for ways to help protect the environment. Every little bit helps.

For us and for all of us together, social responsibility is serious.


For us, mastering the languages of the world means living our social commitment. Worldwide. We order our printed materials from the environmentally friendly print shop Lokay. The shop works with alcohol-free eco-friendly inks, which are good for the environment. So, too, are the printing techniques it uses.

We value environmentally friendly consumption at our company. Less trash: We've switched to compostable coffee pads from coffee capsules.

n addition, we use paper only when we need it, and when we do, we use recycled paper. Our office is environmentally sensitive.

Mariphil e.V., a registered association, wants to give street children in the Philippines a future. The relief team there has made this its heartfelt mission. Transline Group supports the work Mariphil does. The idea to donate to this good cause came from Anja Hoffmann, one of our employees.

Plant-for-the-planet is a considered a pioneering project for global reforestation efforts. Children plant trees in Germany, India, Columbia, Russia, and the Ivory Coast, to name a few. The overarching goal is to draw power from fully renewable sources by 2050.

Within our company, we also make sure to support our employees in mastering the challenges of our time.

The well being of our employees is key for us. Work should be - and is - fun when the hours are flexible and the work-life balance is real.

The difference is our flow. Transline.

global vision
////////////////////////////////////////////  Using language to bring people together and overcome borders.

We keep tomorrow in mind today. Corporate social responsibility is our highest priority inside and outside the company. We want our employees to feel at ease and look forward to work each day. That's who we are.

We are equally enthusiastic about supporting national and international aid projects.

After all, the future of Earth is for us to decide. We do our part.

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