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Transline News

Here you will find interesting and new information about the translation industry.

NEW: Wordflow becomes Transline Software Localization

Wordflow joined the Transline Group in 2018. Our specialization in the software industry will be emphasized in its new name. As from March, Wordflow…

Transline at the tekom 2019


People and technology in the spotlight

With one ear to customer feedback and the other to the market, Transline is set for an innovative future. At…

20th Annual DSAG Congress: An Industry in Transition

In total, 8 keynotes, over 300 talks, and 175 partners, including Wordflow, set the tone for the largest, most important SAP user group conference in…

And Action! Will we be seeing you at the DSAG Annual Congress?

Our mission in Nuremberg as a certified SAP partner: to make your SAP translation projects as easy as possible for you.

Orlando: How we experienced SAPPHIRE NOW

Exciting event with high-profile speakers – and Wordflow in the middle of it all!

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