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Transline Group expands its presence in Europe and acquires interlanguage as a new subsidiary

More than 30 years of experience and proven expertise in translating complex texts make interlanguage a sought-after translation partner for business and industry.

After several joint projects, the Transline Group has now acquired the Modena-based service provider as a subsidiary. interlanguage will remain an independent company and retain its location, with the management of the company staying in the capable hands of the three founders.

Emilia-Romagna is one of the economically strongest regions in Northern Italy. Entrepreneurial spirit, diligence, market orientation and innovative drive have a long and proud tradition here. And right there in Modena, three young translators and interpreters, Antonella Abbati, Susanna Ferretti and Paola Modica, founded their company interlanguage in 1986.

Today, interlanguage enjoys an excellent reputation as a reliable and efficient translation service provider for business and industry in Europe and beyond. The independent market research company Common Sense Advisory has listed interlanguage several times among the “Top 20 Language Service Providers” in Southern Europe. The founders are still at the head of the company today.


A partnership based on trust

Transline and interlanguage have been working together for some years, successfully completing a number of joint customer projects. This resulted in a partnership based on trust – and the idea of uniting the two service providers under one roof to generate synergy effects that ultimately benefit the customers of both companies.

Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Sturz, founder of the Transline Group: “Nowadays, if you want to remain competitive as a translation service provider, you have to invest heavily in technology. The integration of interlanguage will allow us to distribute this expense across several shoulders and larger order volumes. At the same time, we are merging our skillsets, which will help us both in securing our long-term competitiveness.”


Efficient and transparent processes

Transline's Italian sister company employs very efficient, transparent processes and integrates its freelance translators extremely well. The local experts have acquired extensive know-how and technical expertise in marketing and video translations, in particular. “This is certainly an area where we can learn from interlanguage,” says Katja Schabert, CEO of Transline Deutschland. “And our Italian colleagues also benefit from our expertise, for example in the areas of marketing, sales and IT-supported translation processes.”

To boost synergy effects even more, Transline will also merge its subsidiary Wordflow Italy, based in nearby Bologna, with interlanguage. Both companies will operate under the name “interlanguage”. Katja Schabert explains, “This results in a classic win-win situation for the two sister companies and for the Transline Group as a whole: We are expanding our pool of resources, enhancing our joint industry knowledge and strengthening our know-how. Our customers will benefit from both an even better service quality and an expanded range of services.”

Antonella Abbati, Managing Director and CEO of interlanguage, is “proud to become part of the Transline Group. After many years of close cooperation, this is a sign of confidence in our company and in the people who work for us. interlanguage and Transline have acquired professionalism and expertise in different areas over more than three decades, and they complement each other well. Through this merger, we are increasing our competitiveness and efficiency, allowing us to offer our customers and partners even more experience and know-how in the future.”


Focus Business: Transline listed as “Top Employer 2019”



FOCUS Business, a well-known German business magazine, officially counts Transline among the top employers in 2019. The company is the only language service provider in Germany to receive this award.



interlanguage – Translation Service Provider

interlanguage is one of the largest Italian providers of professional language services. Since 1986, 18 highly qualified employees and a worldwide network of more than 1,000 translators have been providing ISO-certified technical, legal, financial and marketing translations to mid-sized and large companies. Services also include localization, DTP, conference and liaison interpreting, voice recording and subtitling. In addition to regional customers, interlanguage also works for companies in other European countries, for example in Switzerland. The main industries are railway technology, automotive and agricultural engineering, medical technology, pharmaceuticals and ceramics.



Transline – Übersetzen. Verstehen.

For over 30 years, Transline has been helping to develop global markets with highly professional translations for internationally active companies. More than 130 employees in Europe and approximately 5,000 specialized translators worldwide make Transline one of the largest translation service providers in Germany. The teams are at home in over 160 languages, delivering excellent expert translations and culturally authentic texts. Transline’s customers include numerous large global players. They appreciate the company’s high-quality translations, its outstanding IT-driven project management and fast turnaround times.

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