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SAP consulting

The introduction of SAP solutions poses complex challenges for international companies. The global rollout of your business applications requires not only specialist knowledge, but also linguistic sensitivity. Thanks to the long-standing expertise of our specialists in both areas, your rollout is in good hands with Transline.

SAP language consulting. Your global rollout in good hands right from the start.

Certified SAP partner. You can rely on the expertise of our experts.

Full service for you. We speak SAP in all 40 official SAP languages – and in 120 more.

Everything from a single source –
languages and SAP


We have translated 23 million SAP lines since 2004.

SAP language consulting

Transline offers you comprehensive services related to your global rollout.

We set up the SAP translation environment for you. We maintain it and optimize it with custom add-ons. We are happy to take over the complete project coordination for you and keep your projects on track, even when recurring updates are required.

During user acceptance testing, we support you with consulting or using SAP Solution Manager among options – and enable your solutions to be accepted in other languages and cultures.

SAP translation

Software logistics

We are know SAP system administration inside and out. Especially country-specific and language-specific installations are in good hands with us. We are also happy to import support packages and add-on installations for you.

There are many different ways to transport language and translation data between SAP systems. We can help you to create the language and translation transport requests that meet your requirements.

You can also count on our support when it comes to system upgrades, data migration, and creating add-ons in compliance with SAP standards.


Development, support, training

We develop customized add-ons for you to achieve an optimized SAP translation environment and more efficiency in your translation process.

This naturally also includes optimizations via the SAP tool for machine translation, the SAP Translation Hub (STH).

Our training services, are also available on site: We train your employees interactively and according to your individual requirements in all areas of SAP translation tools and processes.


To our training courses

Consulting services

Transline analyzses your system landscape and develops best-practice strategies to optimize your translation process. We take over design, setup, and project management for you.

Our consulting services also include:

Terminology management

Usage rules and maintenance

Quality management

Process and translation quality

User acceptance testing

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“To truly translate is to adapt something spoken in another language to one's own language.” /// Martin Luther

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