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Transline at the tekom 2018 Spring conference

Successful lecture on the topic of transcreation

How do translators manage to bring the so-called 'user experience' to life across all languages, even in areas such as technical communication? Nadège Bernard and Stefanie Bartos-Scott from Transline got to the bottom of this question in their lecture entitled “Transcreation and User Experience in Technical Translations”, as part of the tekom 2018 Spring conference.

They put a particular focus on the communication between client and contractor. Key factors for successful transcreation projects were explained, which sparked off an interesting discussion: On the one hand, service providers face the challenge of convincing customers that the extra time and effort involved in transcreation provide added value. On the other hand, customers often have trouble finding qualified providers who offer this service as part of their portfolio and deliver high-quality results.

In fact, it doesn't take much to unite both sides in a profitable collaboration – a topic that will also be illustrated in our workshop on “Marketing texts”, to be held on 12 June in Stuttgart.

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