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Past news from Transline and the translation industry.

How the bunny runs: Seminar on multilingual marketing

Participants from many different aspects of business came together on 21 February in Cologne. What they had in common: They all wanted to know which way the wind is blowing – especially in terms of marketing translations. The session proved very fruitful, and in the evening participants and speakers left the Cologne Tower satisfied with the results of a creative and informative day.


With a variety of practical exercises, the knowledgeable guest speaker Moira Walsh gave excellent presentations on the subjects of websites, SEO and transcreation that were hands-on and easy to follow. An interesting report on the experience of incorporating foreign subsidiaries into the translation process – presented by Renate Kenney from Sto – rounded out the event.


High above the roofs of Cologne

The stimulating environment of the Cologne Tower inspired the participants and speakers to hold an active exchange. In the creative breaks and over a tasty lunch, the subject of foreign-language search engine optimisation (SEO)


Participant Martin Marciniak from the company Igus summarised the day, commenting: “Very well organised, not stiff! Top-notch event. Competent and nice expert session. And the most important: Not a monologue!”

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