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Past news from Transline and the translation industry.

Sennebogen: Successful on all continents with Transline

To communicate with customers on all continents, Sennebogen has relied on professional translations from Transline since 2012.


The Sennebogen Maschinenfabrik GmbH employs around 1200 people worldwide and as a globally active company produces entire model lines of material handlers, electric excavators, drag lines, crawler cranes, telescopic cranes, telescopic material handlers, port cranes and special carriers.


As a team leader in project management, our Transline expert Dominique Sommer supports Sennebogen and is full of enthusiasm for its colourful equipment: “The challenge at Sennebogen was and is to frequently carry out the translation and post-formatting of extensive documentation within a very short timeframe, and to change plans at short notice, if required. For such situations, we have flexible processes that can be modified when things have to move fast. Together with our quality assurance team, our regular translators ensure the best quality. We translate technical documentation and marketing texts for Sennebogen as well as internal documents and much more into 28 languages. Working with them is very enjoyable!”

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