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Transline's 2017 Christmas donation goes to “Pure Water for Generations”

The translation service provider Transline supports the organisation “Pure Water for Generations” with this year's Christmas donation. The recognised not-for-profit association, based in Munich, has set its sights on improving and maintaining the quality and quantity of water in streams, rivers, lakes and seas, as well as groundwater.

This donation continues Transline's long tradition of donating to a charity each Christmas. Donating to “Pure Water for Generations” has a particular reason, as Transline's CEO Katja Schabert explains: “I lived in Beijing for several years and experienced first-hand how important our natural resources are – in particular clean air and water.”

In Central Europe, it's virtually given that we have plenty of clean water, “but people in many regions of the world are already suffering from the fact that their water is contaminated or there just isn't enough of it. And microplastics accumulating in our oceans is now well acknowledged as a growing problem. It is high time that we stop this trend and do something to counteract it.”

The “Pure Water for Generations” association advocates preserving healthy waterways across the planet so that future generations will also be able to enjoy healthy living conditions around the world. “Transline wants to make a contribution to this with its donation.”

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