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NEW: Wordflow becomes Transline Software Localization

Wordflow joined the Transline Group in 2018. Our specialization in the software industry will be emphasized in its new name. As from March, Wordflow will be known as Transline Software Localization GmbH.

The software industry is moving full speed ahead in fields that extend beyond entertainment, apps, games, and gadgets like smartwatches. Thanks to Industry 4.0, digital networking is now established in all areas of the economy. Nevertheless, the global acceptance of software products is contingent on usability and, by extension, the translation quality.

In particular, intercultural competence and specialized expertise is necessary to ensure that a software product fits perfectly into each linguistic and cultural market. This is why global companies like SAP trust our localization expertise. Experience is the key: We have been partnering with companies to handle global rollouts and linguistic internationalization of applications since 2004. The new name – Transline Software Localization – will continue to show this.


Multilingual user experience across borders

Software localization is much more than just language translation for the user interface. Professional localization is what builds bridges across cultural obstacles. Internationalization is the vehicle by which software providers reach the largest possible target audience.

In Walldorf, we know that translation is not limited to user interfaces and online help texts. User manuals, training and sales documentation, contracts, presentations, marketing materials, and websites are all constituent parts of a software product. The special linguistic and technical features of the target market are reflected when this overall package is adapted to meet country-specific requirements.

The widest range of different processes must be integrated when adapting software for new target markets. Localization engineers at Transline optimize preparation of large quantities of data in different file formats and analyze the content for localization. After translation, in-house DTP experts verify length requirements and adapt the layout for the target language. Language acceptance tests of the language versions and the functions assure quality in accordance with ISO 17100.


Agile processes for increasingly complex projects

Every project is different. This is why Transline Software Localization tailors its solutions to meet individual customer requirements. In addition to our language services, our experts develop innovative translation tools to supplement conventional solutions and enhance localization processes, allowing more flexibility, increasing speed, and improving cost benefits.

“Our team ranges from professional linguists, qualified software developers, down to experienced project managers. We know the technical details and linguistic nuances that present your product correctly and appropriately in the target markets,” explains Petra Schlicksupp, COO in Walldorf. “We are passionate about integrating linguistic and IT expertise to figure just the right solution tailored to what our customers need.”

The brand new high-performance portal TBlue® aims simplify the ordering process for regular customers as much as possible. Petra Schlicksupp is already a fan, adding “TBlue® streamlines processes for both our customers and the project managers here in Walldorf. This frees up time on both sides for what is important: users having a great experience using software that is easy use and localized perfectly.”

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